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Provider training

These trainings are designed and developed for HCA/DBHR contractors and other prevention professionals. Most recent Learning Community Meetings slides and past Learning Community slides are not found on this page. Additional trainings are available on the OWL E-Learning system. Upcoming trainings can be found on the Training Calendar.

Prevention scholarship trainings 2023

The Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR) has identified funding to provide financial support for prevention partners to attend various conferences. These conferences provide training on prevention theory, strategic planning, coalition development, cultural competency, reducing health disparities, community organizing, and/or the Strategic Prevention Framework.

These conferences are open to CPWI, CBO, and Tribes for attendance. Requests will be reviewed with your Prevention System Manager and reviewed with other trainings and activities in your approved budgets. 

Only registration costs can be covered by these scholarships. You will need to use other funds to cover expenses such as travel and per diem. Below is a list of conferences that the DBHR prevention team can support registration costs:

Washington State Prevention Summit; Communities That Care® (CTC); CADCA Mid-Year Training Institute; CADCA Boot camp, CADCA National Leadership Forum, National Prevention Network Conference, Society of Prevention Research Conference and Marijuana Prevention Research Symposium.

If interested in attending any conferences, please email a completed scholarship application to

General trainings and calls:



Day 1:

  • Presentation: Welcome and opening remarks - DBHR
  • Presentation: Health equity in prevention and health promotion, part 1 - Nicole M. Augustine, RIZE Consultants 
  • Presentation: Minerva 2.0 systemwide reporting - DBHR
  • Presentation: Healthy Youth Survey: A guide for prevention professionals - DBHR
  • Presentation: Health equity in prevention and health promotion, part 2 - Nicole M. Augustine, RIZE Consultants 

Day 2:

  • Presentation: Evidence-based programs: Walking the fidelity and adaptation tightrope - Dr. Jennifer Duckworth, Washington State University 
  • Presentation: Getting started: Choosing the right program - DBHR
  • Presentation: Leveling up: Sustaining program service delivery - DBHR
  • Presentation: Student assistance prevention and intervention program - DBHR

Session 1 - February 22

Session 2 - February 28

Youth Engagement Resource Guide - September 1



Day 1

Day 2



Day 1

  • Presentation - Welcome and opening remarks - DBHR
  • Prevention foundation: Shared risk and protective factors - Dr. Kevin Haggerty, University of Washington and the Northwest Prevention Technology Transfer Center Network

Day 2

  • Presentation - Prevention health equity activity - DBHR
  • Presentation - Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative action planning - DBHR
  • Presentation - Opioid prevention - Katherine Hampilos and Elizabeth Weybright, Washington State University, Center for Rural Opioid Prevention, Treatment and Recovery

Day 3

  • Presentations - Evidence based programming: Online adaptation success stories - An "open house" style event with multiple presenters.
  • Presentation - Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative data books - DBHR
  • Presentation - Data entry into MIS/Minerva - DBHR
  • Presentation - Qualitative data clinic: When and how to use qualitative data


  • Presentation - Provider meeting - Kasey Kates and Sarah Mariani, DBHR, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction update - Mandy Paradise, OSPI, and Statewide CPWI Evaluation: What is it telling us and what does it mean for my prevention work? - Brittany Cooper, PhD, Gitanjali Shrestha, MS, and Clara Hill, MPH, IMPACT Research Lab, Washington State University
  • Presentation - Data Books - "How to tell your story by the numbers," presented by Sandy Salivaras, DBHR

  • Summary narrative
  • Presentation - Welcome and opening remarks - DBHR
  • Presentation - Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) update
  • Presentation - Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative (CPWI) collaboration: A showcase of Educational Service District (ESD) strategies
  • Presentation - Health disparities - Vincent Perez, Equity Institute
  • Handout - Cultural Capitol by Tara J. Yosso, as presented by Vincent Perez, Equity Institute


  • Presentation - Provider meeting - Kasey Kates and Sarah Mariani, DBHR and Reframing the Statewide CPWI Evaluation Results - Brittany Cooper, PhD and Gitanjali Shrestha, MS, IMPACT Research Lab, Washington State University
  • Presentation - Changing the Conversation about Prevention: Taking every Opportunity to Reframe - Anna Marie Trester, PhD, FrameWorks, Institute




Student Assistance Program and Project SUCCESS One-pager


Rodney Wambeam, Ph.D., University of Wyoming

Kyle D. Barrington, Ph.D., Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies
Ethics in Data Collection

Rodney Wambeam, Ph.D., University of Wyoming
Environmental Strategies Implementation

  • Presentation

CPWI Coordinators
Targeted Enhancements Marketplace

  • Mental Health Promotion Projects
  • Secure Medicine Take-back
  • Sector Sharing
  • LGTBQ Communities
  • Community Check Box

Seth Greenfest, Prevention System Project Manager
Minerva Announcements

Sarah Mariani & Lucy Mendoza
Languages of Appreciation

Ginlin Woo, Independent Consultant
Coalition Development

Amy Hockenberry, Ferndale Community Coalition Coordinator
Informatics for Coalition Implementation

How Can we Keep It Going? Key Ingredients for evidence-based program sustainability, Brittany Rhoades Cooper, PhD, Washington State University (WSU) & Drew Lenore Betz, MS, WSU Extension



Presentation slides and handouts:

Mike Bebe, Leadership for Change Consulting
Keeping Coalition Members Engaged Through Advanced Facilitation Techniques

Jill Parker, CAPT Associate, Western Resource Team SAMHSA's Center for the Application of Prevention Technology
Advanced Sustainability and System Development

CPWI Coordinators
Targeted Enhancement Project Presentations

Drs. Brittany Rhoades-Cooper & Louise Parker, Washington State University
Increasing Capacity for Implementation & Ensuring Cultural Competency

These are the PowerPoint presentations and handouts from the workshop held on May 6, 2016 in Spokane, WA.  Posted with permission from Washington State University.

Click on the item to open that file.  All files are saved as PDFs. 


Amelia Arria, Ph.D., presentation slides. ACADEMIC IMPACTS OF YOUTH SUBSTANCE USE: Application to Community and School-Based Substance Use Prevention.

Jason Kilmer, Ph.D., University of Washington presentation slides. Addressing Substance Use with Adolescents and Young Adults: Trends, Needs, Questions, and Strategies.

Engaging Communities to Address Health Disparities in Washington State presentation slides.  CAPT Associates Haner Hernandez, Ph.D., and Janet Porter, MPH, Training and Technical Assistance Specialist, West Resource Team.

DBHR Mental Health Promotion Projects Overview presentation slides. Scott Waller, Prevention Systems Integration Manager, DBHR.

Community Surveillance Pilot Project using the Online Documentation Support System (ODSS) presentation slides. 

Personal Responsibility Education Program (WA PREP) presentation slides. Connections Between Substance Use and Adolescent Sexual Health

2015 Webinar Series: