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Mental health promotion and suicide prevention

Addressing suicide and depression are state priorities.


Youth mental health in Washington State:

  • 40 percent of 10th grade students report feeling so sad or hopeless for two weeks or more that they stopped doing their usual activities (Healthy Youth Survey, 2018).
  • One in 10 high school students report having attempted suicide in the past year (Healthy Youth Survey, 2016).


Mental health promotion strategies are being implemented throughout the state at local, county, and state levels, across the Continuum of Care that influence multiple domains and risk and protective factors. Here is a list of some state-wide initiatives focused specifically on mental health promotion and suicide prevention:

Reporting on Suicide is a recommended resource for media partners covering suicide. This resource explains how we can reframe a story on suicide to offer hope and encourage people to seek help. Best practices and guidelines for talking about suicide continue to evolve as we learn from research and the guidance of people who have attempted suicide or lost a loved one to suicide. Here is a current example of safe messaging.

We also encourage promoting local resources in articles. State services can be found through Medicaid mental health services and mental health crisis lines by county2-1-1 is also a great place to find local resources.

Billy Reamer
Mental Health Promotion Integration and Prevention System Mananger