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Writing to heal (Wednesday series, 4/5)

Join the National American Indian and Alaska Native Childhood Trauma TSA Center in learning from native author, artist, and speaker Tanaya Winder!

Indigenous people have undergone much historical, ancestral, and personal trauma. At times it can be difficult to process these traumas or soul wounds, but one way to cope and help make sense of these events is through presence and mindfulness. A grounded mindset can be accessed through asking powerful questions and exploring new perspectives through reflective and expressive writing. Learning how to render your emotions on the page is a form of “heartspeak.” Heartspeak can be one of the most helpful skills because it is a means of processing joys, hurts, and everything in between.

This workshop offers writing prompts to help you tap into parts of your journey that you want to reexamine with compassion and kindness. You will also learn writing prompts and techniques that you can implement in your own talking/healing circles, workshops, or client sessions. Facilitation techniques and what it means for you to create and maintain space to find light and a sense of belonging and acceptance in yourself and your communities will also be covered. The goal is to help you discover how writing can be used as a healing tool to develop a better understanding of the human condition regarding loving others and yourself.

Note: Writing to heal sessions are being offered every other week on Wednesdays and Fridays. The same material will be covered in both sessions each week. 

Wednesday sessions: 

  • 2/21, 2-3 p.m.
  • 3/6, 2-3 p.m.
  • 3/20, 2-3 p.m.
  • 4/3, 2-3 p.m.
  • 4/17, 2-3 p.m.
Date and Time: 
April 3, 2024 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm