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Webinar: Adapting prevention interventions to better serve vulnerable populations

This webinar will discuss adapting prevention interventions to better support underserved and diverse populations in keeping with cultural humility and competence principles. Due to a variety of systematic issues, many populations have historically not received prevention services tailored to their needs and have had difficulty accessing what services were provided. By adapting evidence-based interventions, prevention professionals can implement interventions that are a better fit for the specific needs of different populations.  Prevention professionals should assess the conceptual and practical fit of interventions, and how adaption might improve them. This webinar will discuss these topics, as well as summarize the evidence base for why adaptation is important for improving outcomes among diverse populations. It will also provide an overview of evidence-based processes for promoting successful adaption outcomes and provide examples of successful adaptions.


  • Explain why cultural humility and adapting interventions can improve outcomes

  • Discuss processes to improve cultural humility at an organizational level

  • Overview conceptual and collaborative processes for adapting interventions

  • Provide examples of successful adaptations of prevention interventions

Date and Time: 
August 5, 2021 - 10:00am to 11:30am