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Webinar: 988 - National Helpline for Mental Health Emergencies

A national three-digit 988 behavioral health and suicide prevention crisis hotline is probably the most significant public policy initiative impacting behavioral healthcare since Medicaid expansion. Behavioral health crisis services have never had a moment like this, where the policy forces are aligning at federal state and local levels and are driving positive change.  The implementation of 988 provides us with the opportunity to build-out and finance a statewide behavioral health crisis response system that is on par with the 911 emergency medical management system. 
There are many questions that this webinar will address as an initial forum to learn about best practices to apply to 988 crisis response system optimization. Increasing our collective knowledge is best achieved by engaging with subject-matter experts, rather than expending time, energy, or other resources extracting or researching for answers in disconnected and fragmented ways. Session outcomes include new learning and insights to more effectively respond to a rapid 988 implementation trajectory.  Participants will find that the content and interchange of this session is both pragmatic and enriching.

Date and Time: 
May 11, 2021 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm