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Trauma–informed approach training – Partner with us!

HCA’s Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR) currently has the opportunity, through federal block grant funding, to support and build on the good work organizations and agencies throughout Washington State are already doing to infuse a trauma-informed approach into healing, well-being, and recovery work with the individuals we serve.

What we’re doing

  • Funding grants with organizations that responded to the request for application to further work around trauma-informed approaches.
  • Offering Trauma Informed Approach trainings throughout the state for those who provide direct connection with individuals in the behavioral health continuum, their supervisors, community members, and agency executives and leaders, including “train the trainer” trainings.
  • The one-time federal funds that are supporting this work will allow us to offer these trainings to participants at no cost – but our timeline is short. Most of the training will be from June through the end of September of this year.

What we need from you

  • We are looking for community partners to sponsor and host trainings.
  • Here’s what we’re looking for:
    • A behavioral health provider and/or a community organization/agency (youth, family, or adult services; city, county or tribal governments; health care providers; school districts; law enforcement; and others) to serve as sponsors/hosts.
    • An accessible room or public space that can be booked for a 1-2-day block of time.
    • Ability to accommodate groups of up to 20 participants (or many more for community trainings).
    • A connection with behavioral health

Ready to host a suite of training for your community and partners?

  • All trainings for this project will be offered through En Route LLC.
  • To volunteer your organization as a sponsor/host, contact Dan Embree at or (503) 961-5791. 
  • For questions about DBHR’s overall work on trauma-informed approach or to share your thoughts and desire to partner, connect with us here: