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Team Awareness is a customizable worksite prevention training program that addresses behavioral risks associated with substance abuse among employees, their coworkers, and, indirectly, their families. The training seeks to promote social health and increased communication between workers; improve knowledge about and attitudes toward alcohol- and drug-related protective factors in the workplace, such as company policy and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs); and increase peer referral behaviors. To achieve these objectives, the training focuses on six components: the importance of substance abuse prevention; team ownership of policy (embracing policy as a useful tool for enhancing safety and well-being for the whole workgroup); stress, including stressors, individual coping styles, and other methods for coping; tolerance and how it can become a risk factor for groups; the importance of appropriate help-seeking and help-giving behavior; and access to resources for preventive counseling or treatment (e.g., EAPs, local community resources, 12-step programs, wellness programs). Training is highly interactive and includes group discussions, videos, role-playing, quizzes, games, communication exercises, and optional homework assignments.