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Substance use prevention and public health, part 2: Building a public health approach to prevention

Series description: Substance use prevention is one of many human service fields that seek to improve the overall health and wellbeing of populations and communities. Collectively, these fields are known as public health. There are many areas of overlap across public health fields— from the types of issues that service providers seek to address, to the kinds of interventions they implement, to the community metrics they use to assess success, among others. However, despite these similarities, many public health professionals—including substance use prevention professionals—are unfamiliar with the work other professionals are doing in their communities or the opportunities for collaboration that exist. 

Course description: This webinar will discuss how substance use prevention professionals can build a public health approach to prevention. It will describe how the similarities across public heath fields can lead to specific collaborative opportunities and will identify examples of these opportunities. The webinar will also review the concept of integrating behavioral and physical health care services and how, among other benefits, integration can support the development of a comprehensive public health approach to prevention. Additionally, it will discuss strategies for prevention professionals to further develop this approach and how to reduce health disparities through it. The webinar will also discuss the barriers and challenges prevention professionals may face and the opportunities that may exist to overcome them. Lastly, the webinar will offer a small group peer learning discussion opportunity.

Date and Time: 
September 7, 2023 - 10:00am to 11:30am