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Stigma and substance use disorder prevention series, part 2/2

Series description:
Stigma refers to a wide range of negative attitudes, values, and actions towards another group of people. It can frequently occur in behavioral health settings and often against people who use or are at-risk of using substances. Stigma can significantly decrease the likelihood that people will seek services and significantly increase the likelihood of worsening health outcomes. This two-part webinar series will examine stigma through the lens of substance use prevention and experiences on the road to recovery: what it is, how it can manifest, and what prevention stakeholders can do to address it. The webinar will present both the latest research findings and the lessons learned from lived experience.

Course description:
This webinar will review strategies for addressing and preventing stigma against people at risk for substance misuse, substance use disorders, and consequences of substance use. It will discuss strategies at multiple levels: 1) peers and individuals; 2) within prevention organizations; 3) among collaborative partners and across the behavioral health continuum; 4) throughout the community at-large; and 5) in society as a whole. Each of these strategy levels will be examined from the perspectives of both academic research and lived experiences. Additionally, the webinar will include a facilitated small group exercise on identifying potential strategies for addressing stigma.

Date and Time: 
May 11, 2023 - 10:00am to 11:30am