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Rural Student Assistance Professional (SAP) Roundtable

The statewide prevention group called the Rural Network is excited to invite Student Assistance Professionals and relevant Staff to our upcoming sector event.

Rural Student Assistance Professional Roundtable 


During this roundtable meeting, connect with other rural Student Assistance Professionals, and brainstorm ideas for Prevention Clubs. Bring ideas to the table and take ideas home from others. You are not alone in this tough work of coming up with engagement solutions during COVID. Let's collaborate and pool our strategies.

The Rural Network is a prevention organization statewide that convenes rural professionals and increases collaboration. Sharing ideas is what we do best and we’ve received multiple requests from SAPs to host a brainstorming event like this. This is not a “training” or content-sharing event, instead we are offering a structured space for others to connect, share, and discuss.


For questions, please contact Christopher Belisle at More information about the Rural Network is available at Please feel free to share this invitation with other SAP’s or relevant professionals in your area.


Christopher Belisle, CPP

Pronouns | He/Him

Regional Prevention Project Coordinator


Date and Time: 
January 18, 2022 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Online Conference Call through Zoom