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Resource assessment

What is a resource assessment?

A resource assessment is a systematic process for examining the current resources in your community which are reducing risk factor and increasing protective factors. It answers the question: "What's going on in my community?"

What are resources? They are anything that can be activated to reduce the likelihood that individuals or communities will begin or continue to abuse alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.


Why do we need to complete a resource assessment?

A resource assessment will assist you in:

  • Identifying gaps where new services should be implemented
  • Avoiding duplication in services
  • Building collaboration among service providers
  • Modifying existing programs to meet prevention needs
  • Identifying existing resources to sponsor new programs
  • Ensuring you are putting your time and money where it will have the greatest impact 
  • Ensuring you are creating a comprehensive prevention strategy for your community 
  • Ensuring you are effectively impacting the priority risk and protective factors that you identified when completing your community assessment


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