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Project Towards No Tobacco Use

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EBP Description: 

Project Towards No Tobacco Use (Project TNT) is a classroom-based curriculum that aims to prevent and reduce tobacco use, primarily among 6th- to 8th-grade students. The intervention was developed for a universal audience and has served students with a wide variety of risk factors. Designed to counteract multiple causes of tobacco use simultaneously, Project TNT is based on the theory that youth will be better able to resist tobacco use if they are aware of misleading information that facilitates tobacco use (e.g., pro-tobacco advertising, inflated estimates of the prevalence of tobacco use), have skills that counteract the social pressures to obtain approval by using tobacco, and appreciate the physical consequences of tobacco use.
Project TNT comprises 10 core lessons and 2 booster lessons, all 40-50 minutes in duration. The core lessons are designed to be taught over a 2-week period but may be spread out over as long as 4 weeks. Booster lessons, which are taught 1 year afterward, are intended to be delivered over 2 consecutive days but may be taught 1 week apart. The curriculum uses a wide variety of activities to encourage student involvement and participation. Activities include games, videos, role-plays, large and small group discussion, use of student worksheets, homework assignments, activism letter writing, and a videotaping project. The two-lesson booster program summarizes previously learned material and discusses how this material might be used in daily living.