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Project EX is a school-based smoking-cessation clinic program for adolescents that stresses motivation, coping skills, and personal commitment. Consisting of eight 40- to 45-minute sessions delivered over a 6-week period, the program curriculum includes strategies for coping with stress, dealing with nicotine withdrawal, and avoiding relapses. Project EX uses engaging and motivating activities such as games and yoga to reduce or stop smoking among adolescents and teach self-control, anger management, mood management, and goal- setting techniques. Adolescents are provided with accurate information about the social, emotional, environmental, and physiological consequences of tobacco use. The first four sessions are intended to prepare students for an attempt at quitting smoking, which should take place between sessions 4 and 6. The remaining sessions are designed to maintain quit status and enhance quit attempts. Project EX clinics operate during school hours. Each clinic group can accommodate 8 to 15 students.