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New research briefs available now!

The Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery's Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Section is excited to share five new research briefs developed in collaboration with the Prevention Research Sub-Committee. These new briefs highlight the benefits and uses of prevention science and can be shared with statewide partners. The five new research briefs provide information on the following topics: 

  • Health disparities discusses substance marketing disparities, explains how these disparities impact Washington youth, and outlines local strategies to address and reduce these disparities and their negative effects on youth.
  • Behavioral health for youth explains the importance of behavioral health promotion programming for youth and describes and provides examples of evidence-based programs.
  • Balancing commerce and public health in disadvantaged communities discusses substance marketing and retail location disparities and outlines economic opportunity key considerations for policymakers, 
  • Pricing of legal cannabis and taxation explains how taxes can be used as an effective prevention tool and offers alternative options to the current cannabis tax system.
  • Cannabis market regulation and public health and safety identifies elements and describes regulation practices that support public health and safety.

View the research briefs.