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New fentanyl education materials for native communities

Washington Health Care Authority (HCA) has just launched an update to the WA Tribal Opioid Solutions campaign to include information and resources about fentanyl overdose prevention, treatment and recovery. The campaign, now titled For Our Lives, is a communications campaign intended to support educational efforts around opioid misuse prevention, treatment and harm reduction for native communities in Washington State. All of the campaign materials were shaped and informed by deep collaboration with native individuals and tribal prevention and treatment partners across the state.

Much like WA Tribal Opioid Solutions, For Our Lives includes a campaign toolkit of materials that are free to download including videos, social media content, print materials, event collateral and more.

All materials in the campaign toolkit are free to download and use and the toolkit includes videos, social media graphics, print materials and more. The materials are provided at no cost to any organization supporting Native communities in Washington state and are intended to be customizable to best support the needs and audiences of each organization.

Need more communications support? The campaign’s technical toolkit program can help tribes and tribal organizations with communications planning, custom design, paid advertising and printing to support opioid prevention and treatment messaging. Other tribes and tribal organizations have used technical support to:

  • Design and place local Snapchat ads to reach younger audiences
  • Develop a social media content calendar and boost Facebook posts
  • Place campaign messages at local gas stations and convenience stores
  • Put up custom billboards in high profile spots in the community
  • Customize print materials like rack cards, brochures, informational magnets and stickers to promote local prevention, Narcan distribution and treatment services
  • Create and distribute a mailer on how to prevent and overdose
  • Adapt videos to be shown on screens at tribal health and cultural centers
  • Request event kits to create an eye-catching table or displays at events

Interested in getting involved in the campaign?
In the coming months, the campaign will continue to be updated with new assets and materials specifically focused on stigma related to treatment for opioid misuse. If you, or someone else you know, have a story to tell about stigma as it relates to treatment for opioid use and would be interested in being featured in the campaign, or you would like to participate in the review of campaign materials, please consider getting involved.

To request information about toolkit materials or to be a part of upcoming campaign efforts, email Megan Hatheway