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Native prevention fellow project presentations

The Native Center for Behavioral Health hosts a prevention fellowship program, a one-year career development and practicum for early-career professionals or students in the substance use prevention field. 

On Thursday, November 30, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., this year's three fellows will present the projects they have worked on during their fellowship year: 

  • Alcohol Prevention Among Indigenous Youth (Shelene Head): There will be an examination of two different culturally specific prevention methods. Ms. Head will also share about the exploration of the integration of both methods. The presentation will focus on decolonization and Indigenization of alcohol prevention, and the ineffectiveness of Western alcohol prevention programs.
  • Mental Health and Alcohol/Substance Use Statistics for Caddo County, Oklahoma (Will Tapedo): This presentation will include an overview of the status for mental health and the impact of alcohol/substance use disorders in Caddo County, Oklahoma. Mr. Tapedo will share about the impact on communities in the county and opportunities for healthy outcomes. Looking forward to current programs that are effective and what this means for the county and the AIAN communities.
  • Indigenous Prevention Ethics (Marie Schuyler-Dreaver): This presentation will take at look at what Indigenous ethics is in comparison to Western standards in the Prevention Code of Ethics. Questions to be included and explored: Why is it important in our prevention efforts to include ethics? How do we maintain ethical standards in Indigenous Prevention? Ms. Schuyler-Dreaver will include the ethical decision-making process for prevention in her work as it applies to Native communities.

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