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Marijuana prevention campaign

The Washington State Department of Health has re-launched the “Under the Influence of You” campaign to reach parents/guardians/caregivers and other influential adults in young peoples’ lives across Washington State.

The campaign:

  • Aims to encourage these influential adults to talk to the teens in their lives about the risks and consequences of using marijuana.
  • Features ads in 10 languages and resources in 21 languages.
  • Has ads running on a rolling basis until June 20.
  • Will be promoted across various digital platforms, broadcast and digital radio, in-language TV, digital video, and print.
  • Is funded by the Dedicated Marijuana Account.

The campaign website is being updated with key webpages and resources in 21 languages, and assets will be available on April 22 in the Under the Influence of You toolkit (password: InfluentialAdults).