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Local regional and state prevention contacts

Below is a searchable database of local, regional and state contacts of professionals that work in publicly funded prevention agencies, organizations and programs. We hope you will find this to be a useful resource. We have done our best to keep this information up to date. Please feel free to edit update your contact information. To request a change to another person's information, please email the Athena Team.
Name County Organization
Rudy Garza King PSESD
Sigrid Gauger Asotin Clarkston EPIC
Joy Germanos VA
Steve Giesen Snohomish North Everett Coalition
Bonnie Gillispie Skamania Skamania County Community Health
Jennifer Giuntini Thurston Health Care Authority
Abdu Gobeni King Neighborhood House
Meghan Goldenberger Thurston TOGETHER!
Camille Goldy Thurston OSPI
Emma Gossard American Lung Association in Washington
Mike Graham-Squire King Neighborhood House
Alaina Green Clark West Van for Youth
Haley Greene Benton C.I.A. Coalition
Eric Greninger Clallam Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe
Kelley Groen-Sieckmann Clark Educational Service District 112
Holly Gumm Jefferson Jefferson County Public Health
Barbara Gurley San Juan Lopez Island Family Resource Center
Vicki Guse Adams Adams County Integrated Health Care Services
Patsy Haber San Juan Lopez Island Family Resource Center
Kevin Haggerty King Social Development Research Group
Adam Halvorsen Pierce Washington.Fellow
Kate Hampilos Whitman WSU Center for Rural Opioid Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery
Diane Harp Whitman Tekoa School District
Shana Harrington Cowlitz Columbia Wellness
Carol Hawk Skagit United General Hospital | Community Health Outreach Programs
Muriel Herrera-Velasquez Pierce Lakewood's CHOICE
Alice Hibberd San Juan San Juan Island Prevention Coalition
Clara Hill Whitman WSU
Mariah Hinds Skagit Skagit County Public Health Hinman Skagit Skagit County Community Services
Tara Hizon Island Island County Human Services
Edwyna Ho King Seattle Central Community College
Shedaezha Hodge Spokane The NATIVE Project
Sharon Holmes Pierce INSPIRING HERE & NOW
Dan Homchick Grays Harbor Grays Harbor County Public Health & Social Services
Ray Horodowicz DBHR (Division of Behavioral Health & Recovery)
Jennifer Hudson LSSD
Alicia Hughes Thurston Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery;
Brian Humphreys City of Lakewood
Jessica Humphries Clallam Jamestown Sklallam Tribe