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Help promote youth input on Youth Safety & Well-being Tipline

The Attorney General's Office is conducting outreach to youth to get their input in the design and development of the Youth Safety & Well-being Tipline. Will you share with your networks to help promote this across the state? Here’s some more context to share about the feedback survey:
Washington State is working to create a youth safety and well-being helpline available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to address a spectrum of youth safety & well-being concerns and connect youth with appropriate resources. This survey is intended to help gather youth feedback on this new helpline. We aim to gain input from youth on the branding and marketing of the helpline, and glean insight on how to create something that resonates with youth. This survey is the first in a series of two surveys. Please share with youth and community in your network. The first survey will run from July 11 through August 5.
You’re welcome to refer them to the Tipline inbox for any questions.
The following is attached:
  • A flyer that includes the survey link. Please include this attachment when promoting the survey.
  • Social media ad images. Please use these images if you would like to share the survey on your organization’s social media account.

To link directly to the survey in your communications, use this link

Thank you!