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Gov. Inslee issues executive order to change how state will regulate vaping industry

Governor Inslee issued Executive Order 19-03: Addressing the Vaping Use Public Health Crisis. This order directs the Liquor and Cannabis (LCB) and the Department of Health (Health) to take certain actions immediately to protect public health. 

The announcement comes after medical professionals reported seven cases of severe lung illness in Washington from vaping devices or e-cigarette products. The Center for Disease Control has reported at least 12 deaths nationwide, as well as more than 800 cases of lung injury possibly related to these products.

As summarized in an online article written by the governor's office, the governor’s executive order directs the Washington State Department of Health to:

  • Ask the state Board of Health to adopt emergency rules to ban all flavored vapor products, including flavored THC products.

The order also directs DOH and the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board to:

  • Immediately ban any ingredients or sources that are found to be a cause of this acute lung illness; and
  • Work together to draft Governor-request legislation for 2020 that will ban all flavored vapor products; require disclosure of ingredients in vapor products; increase regulatory oversight; limit bulk sales; expand the educational campaign; and clarify the Department of Health’s authority in situations like this where there is a harm or risk to the public but the specific cause of that harm is unknown.
  • Immediately take whatever steps they can to warn consumers of the risks, encourage health care providers to report all suspected cases, and expand their educational campaign to increase awareness around the dangers of vaping.

A warning sign for retail locations has been designed and is co-branded with the Washington State Department of Health. A Spanish version will soon be available that may be posted as an additional sign.