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Emotional eating: an in-depth learning experience, part 4

Emotional eating is a struggle that many of us have faced, particularly when feeling isolated, anxious, bored, empty, frustrated, or even excited. Join Laura MacLachlan, registered psychotherapist, in a 4-week educational course that will offer you the knowledge and practical strategies on conquering emotional eating and making peace with food. Laura helps people learn how to change their relationship with food and how to listen to their bodies. This course is for people who struggle with cravings, and emotional eating, or who have started a diet but haven’t been able to stick to it. Laura’s approach is grounded in cognitive behavior therapy and intuitive eating. She focuses on supporting people in understanding their desire to cope with their emotions using food while providing strategies to manage emotional discomfort without breaking healthy commitments. Additionally, this course will offer an understanding of the myths in society that promote weight gain and how the reptilian brain is involved in food addiction.  

Date and Time: 
May 4, 2023 - 11:00am to 12:00pm