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Critical updates (XPWI/CBO): Minerva 2.0 account set up

We have some more exciting and critical updates on Minerva 2.0 around Account set up!


CPWI and CBO Providers who will be using Minerva 2.0.


We are providing instructions around account set up for the new system. This notice is for CPWI and CBO Providers who do not currently have a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account and for those who do. We will be relying on the emails associated with your Minerva 1.0 account to link your SAW account to Minerva 2.0. User’s SAW account email must match their Minerva 1.0 email.

Action Needed:

  1. Account set up, Step 1 ONLY: Beginning February 15- 27, 2022
    • Setting up accounts is a 2 step process. We are only doing Step 1 right now.
      • Step 1:
        • If you do not have a SAW account, please see attached instructions for creating a SAW account.
        • If you do have a SAW account, please verify that the listed primary email under the Account Profile information in your SAW account matches your Minerva 1.0 email.
        • Note: This is only to set up your SAW account and does not yet give you access to Minerva 2.0 yet. You will have access to Minerva 2.0 after Step 2 is completed.
    • Note: Step 2 will be completed at a later time and in conjunction with your completion of training.


Providers will need to have accounts with SAW in order to access Minerva 2.0. SAW is a protected sign-on service that helps ensure that data is secure and only those with proper permissions have access to appropriate data.  


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to


Thank you for your work in your data clean-up efforts!

We are getting closer and closer to having a new system in place for you to enter your February service data into!

Reminder, if you haven’t registered for the trainings, please be sure and do so by visiting the Athena Forum calendar.  

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