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Alcohol, equity, and social justice: Breaking the silence

This webinar will draw from both historical perspectives and recent events, along with research findings, to unveil the alcohol industry's role in creating and perpetuating social, economic, and health inequities. Additionally, it will examine evidence-based alcohol policies aimed at alleviating inequities and addressing social justice issues. The session is designed for community coalition coordinators and members who are prepared to engage in policy and social change, ultimately transforming the community's relationship with alcohol and those who profit from its production and sale.
Dr. David Jernigan will facilitate this webinar. He is best known for his action-research approach to the issue of alcohol advertising, marketing, and promotion and its influence on young people. His work has led to better advertising regulations and a clearer understanding of the evolving structure of the alcohol industry. His work is policy relevant and scientifically rigorous. Dr. Jernigan has been very active in translating research findings into policy and practice. He testifies regularly at city, state, and national levels around alcohol advertising and youth, alcohol availability, and taxation. He also trains advocates around the world to use the best evidence-based practices.


Date and Time: 
February 27, 2024 - 12:30pm to 2:30pm