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WA underage drinking prevention campaigns

In August 2017 the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) launched a statewide campaign to prevent underage drinking, reaching high school teens directly with the Out of the Picture campaign and reaching parents of teens with the Looks Can Deceive campaign.

Both campaigns were informed by research indicating a positive social norms approach increases healthy behavior. For example, when teens know that other teens are making healthy decisions, they are more likely to do the same.  Similarly, when parents know that most other parents are talking with their teens about not drinking, they are encouraged to follow this behavior.

The Partner Toolkit below is for your use in reaching teens and their parents in your community.  When using the campaign social media images, it will be most effective to post a message with your school or county Healthy Youth Survey data to promote the percentage of teens who don't drink.  

To request the design files for posters, billboards and theater ads, or for questions about the campaign toolkit, email

In the Partner Toolkit you will find:

  • Message to Partners
  • Ways you can help
  • Campaign backgrounder
  • Key messages and talking points
  • Social media content
  • Links to campaign videos
  • Campaign survey form
  • Guide to using positive social norms

Teen Campaign

Facebook Ads:  FB #1    FB #2     FB #3      FB #4

Digital Banner Ad A

Digital Banner Ad B

Parent Campaign

Facebook Ads:  FB #1    FB #2    FB#3    FB#4

Printable Posters (11x17)

Printable Flyer for Parents (8.5 x 11) English only

Spanish Language Videos

BillboardsDesign files (parent/adult audience only) are available by emailing

Campaign Research and Evaluation