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SUD Prevention and MH Promotion Online Reporting System User Guide

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Minerva User Guide Version 3.0 This guide provides a foundational level of information needed to perform tasks in the Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Online Reporting System, also known as Minerva. This User Guide will help you to get started and to use Minerva. DBHR has also created additional guidance documents when we determined, including based on feedback from Minerva System Users, that more guidance would be helpful. This version of the Minerva User Guide has been updated for publication in spring 2019. It includes cross-referenced links within this document between sections that relate to each other, as well as to definitions, and to tables and figures. Items underlined and in blue font that look like THIS are links. Use CTRL+click to follow links and view related information. Jump back to the previous spot using ALT+LEFT arrow. Update - June 10, 2019 - The PDF has been updated to reflect the addition of a survey under (R) Management Problems and the measurable objective Family Management Skills, plus a few other minor edits to formatting and other errors. The separate Survey Selection document was updated as well.