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Mentoring as a Prevention Strategy

I was thrilled to meet so many CPWI partners last week at the Prevention Summit. Our mission at MENTOR Washington is to support youth mentoring programs and organizations across the state. We have an upcoming training (it's on the calendar) to talk about the best practices for youth mentoring. These practices are evidenced-based and will bolster knowledge on the structures and policies needed to really drive positive outcomes for young people.

We also provide support to launch new mentoring programs, or build the capacity and quality practices of existing programs. All of our services are free to community organizations. We would like to bring youth mentoring to every part of the state, and we know it's a resource that is missing in many communities.

We're also working to learn more about tribal youth mentoring across the state. There are several wonderful programs we're connected to, but we know there are more! We'd love to learn about your work and how we can support tribal mentoring specifically (with your agenda, not ours!). We know that culture is healing and mentoring youth takes place in so many ways already.

Please reach out! We'd love to hear more about mentoring happening in your community. 

Schedule a time on my calendar:

Call or text me: 206-427-5401

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Hope to meet you soon!

Jolynn Kenney, Executive Director at MENTOR Washington