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Wellness Outreach at Work

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EBP Description: 

Wellness Outreach at Work provides comprehensive risk reduction services to workplace employees, offering cardiovascular and cancer risk screening and personalized follow-up health coaching that addresses alcohol and tobacco use. Wellness Outreach at Work begins with outreach to all employees through voluntary, worksite-wide health risk screening, including biometric measures of health status, delivered as near to workstations as is practical. The screening directs employees' attention to health issues and to their own health risks and provides baseline information about the health risks of the total workforce. The screening takes approximately 20 minutes per employee and includes immediate feedback on health risks and first steps that might improve them. After the screening, employees are triaged for follow-up based on the number and severity of the health risks identified. Within the context of personalized, one-on-one coaching for cardiovascular health improvement and cancer risk, wellness coaches provide employees with education and counseling on alcohol use, tobacco use, weight control, and health management.