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Webinar: Using positive community norms during a new normal

How do we apply the Science of the Positive in times of uncertainty? What does positive messaging look like during a global pandemic? Can we apply Positive Community Norms to messaging about COVID19? How can we continue messaging about anything else?  

This team-led series of five virtual workshops will address these questions and show how the Science of the Positive can be a touchstone and a guide for public health practitioners during difficult and confusing times. No previous experience is necessary, but we recommend that newcomers also register for the Introduction to Positive Community Norms. 

For those of us who are continuing to work on other public health issues, how do we carry on against the backdrop of COVID? Does positive, normative data still hold in a crisis? Is it tone-deaf to message about alcohol, vaping, or marijuana use during this epidemic? How can we best address these important prevention issues with youth and families during a pandemic?

Date and Time: 
January 28, 2021 - 9:30am to 11:30am