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Seeking new members for School Safety and Student Well-Being Advisory Committee’s Youth Advisory Council

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) is seeking new members for the School Safety and Student Well-Being Advisory Committee’s Youth Advisory Council (SS-SWAC-YAC) for the 2022/2023 school year. 

OSPI is seeking to establish a geographically and culturally diverse membership including members of historically marginalized groups to participate in the SS-SWAC-YAC. Membership is open to youth between the ages of 13–19 who live in Washington state and are currently attending a K-12 school, or have attended one in the past two years. If you know of any students, or student organizations, that may be interested in this opportunity, we ask that you forward this invitation to them or please, feel free to submit a nomination.

Youth Advisory Council

Youth are our largest stakeholders in school safety and student well-being.  To ensure the inclusion of youth voice, the SS-SWAC-YAC was created in the fall of 2019 to convene youth perspective and voice from students across the state and demographic groups. SS-SWAC-YAC members are also considered members of the School Safety and Student Well-Being Advisory Committee (SS-SWAC) as established by the legislature in the 2019 session. Under SSHB 1216, the legislature directed OSPI to establish the SS-SWAC. “The purpose of this committee is to advise on all matters related to comprehensive school safety and student well-being” (SSHB 1216).  In addition to the stakeholders from agencies and organizations across the state, youth led organizations were specified as members.

The SS-SWAC-YAC convenings provide a platform for youth to discuss school safety and student well-being topics that are important to them.  Members of the SS-SWAC-YAC can look forward to the following involvement and activities:

  • Attendance at monthly SS-SWAC-YAC meetings.
  • The opportunity to share their voice and perspective with both their peers and stakeholders from numerous state agencies and organizations.
  • Membership on the SS-SWAC
  • Working with other members on the creation of a presentation to be provided at the quarterly SS-SWAC Meetings.
    • Prior to the SS-SWAC meetings, at least two youth representatives are chosen to attend and represent their peers from the SS-SWAC-YAC through the provision of the group presentation.
    • All members are welcome to attend quarterly SS-SWAC meetings regardless of whether or not they are presenting.
  • Engaging with other SS-SWAC members and legislators at the Annual School Safety Summit.
  • Occasional opportunities to take part in youth panels or sessions at conferences and convenings as representatives of the SS-SWAC-YAC.
  • Members can serve on the SS-SWAC-YAC for up to 3 years. After 3 years, if still eligible, members may re-submit a nomination for membership. 

2022/2023 School Year

All meetings are scheduled based on youth availability and held on evenings and weekends to accommodate academic schedules.

SS-SWAC and SS-SWAC-YAC meetings are held via Zoom. 

The 2023 Annual School Safety Summit is currently scheduled to be held in person. Assistance for travel may be available for SS-SWAC-YAC members wishing to attend.

Nomination Process

To nominate yourself, or someone else*, please complete the SS-SWAC-YAC Membership Recruitment Survey by 3 PM on Thursday, August 18. 
         *Please note: if you are nominating someone other than yourself, please notify the person you are nominating to determine interest. You must have current contact information for the nominee to submit the nomination.

Please note, we may request further information regarding nominees through a follow up survey.

Contact Information

If you have questions or would like additional information about the SS-SWAC-YAC, please send an email to: 

Ella DeVerse
School Safety and Student Well-Being Program Supervisor


Nevada Nelson

Membership selection will be announced in early September.