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Reimagining access: Youth, young adult SUD co-design project

Health Care Authority (HCA) and Do Big Good would like to invite you to be a part of a co-design project with youth and young adults to reimagine access to substance use disorder treatment and support. You are welcome to participate as a provider, parent, friend in the community sessions and/or help us in recruiting young people to participate in the co-design sessions.

Participate in community sessions

Four (4) Community sessions will be helf for adults supporting youth and young adults (YYA) with a substance use disorder (SUD), such as partners, parents, friends, and health care providers. 

  • Purpose: Community perspective 
  • Time: 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m. - July 14, July 28, Aug 18, Sept 1
  • Location: Online 
  • Stipend: $75/person for up to 14 participants/session
  • Point of Contact: Mer Joyce 

Help recruit for Youth and Young Adult Co-Design Sessions

Can you help us invite young people? We will host five (5) sessions to receive the input of youth and young adults (YYA) and need help from partners to invite them to participate. Interpreter services are available. Please connect with Amanda Lewis for support. Participants in the YYA sessions:

  1. Age: 13 to 24 years 
  2. Lived Experience: Have lived experience accessing or receiving SUD, co-occurring treatment services in Washington.
  3. Purpose: Reimagine access and hear from youth and young adults 
  4. Time frame: Mid-June through August
  5. Date: To be determined. Will begin with 1-1 phone calls
  6. Location: Online, over the phone
  7. Stipend: $75/person for up to 20 participants per session
  8. Point of Contact: Kayla Cody-Lushozi 

We are also looking to include these historically underrepresented groups in the sessions:

  • Black Youth and Young Adults 
  • Indigenous Youth and Young Adults 
  • Other Youth and Young Adults of Color 
  • LGBTQ+ Youth and Young Adults 
  • Differently Abled Youth and Young Adults 
  • Rural Youth and Young Adults 
  • Low Income Youth and Young Adults 
  • Undocumented Youth and Young Adults

Thank you for your interest!