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Project ACHIEVE is a comprehensive school reform and improvement program for preschool through high school (students ages 3-18 years) that focuses on students' academic, social-emotional/behavioral, and social skills outcomes; school-wide positive behavioral support systems and school safety; positive classroom and school climates; and community and parent outreach and involvement. For students, the aim is to improve resilience, protective factors, and effective self-management skills so youth are better able to resist unhealthy and maladaptive behaviors. The aim for staff is to ensure effective instruction and classroom management as well as supports and services to students not responding with academic and behavioral success. The school aim is to help schools to be successful for all students.
Based on social learning theory and effective approaches to school reform and improvement, this school-wide program uses professional development and ongoing technical consultation to target and reinforce critical staff skills and intervention approaches. The program incorporates a continuum of student services, including prevention, strategic intervention, and crisis management, and consists of seven interdependent components implemented over 3 years: Strategic planning and organizational analysis and development Problem-solving, response-to-intervention, teaming, and consultation processes Effective school, schooling, and professional development Academic instruction linked to academic assessment, intervention, and achievement (i.e., Positive Academic Supports and Services) Age-appropriate social skills instruction (i.e., Stop & Think Social Skills Program) linked to behavioral assessment, intervention, and self-management (i.e., Positive Behavioral Support System) Parent and community training, support, and outreach Data management, evaluation, and accountability
Project ACHIEVE involves the school's entire instructional, administrative, and support staff and, following training, can be implemented with resources available in most schools. Training typically involves in-service training, classroom-based demonstrations, and technical consultation and follow-up.
Project ACHIEVE has been used in public schools, alternative schools, special education centers, psychiatric and juvenile justice facilities, Head Start programs, and specialized charter schools. The research study reviewed for this summary involved kindergarten through grade 6 in public schools.