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Prevention Programs & Training Partnership

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) is looking for multiple schools, clinics, or other settings serving adolescents to partner with us to evaluate our evidence-based SPORT PPW program or one of its variations for adolescents.

The partnering organization(s) will receive free PPW program materials and online self-paced or live program implementer training, as well as implementation and evaluation consultation.

We are looking for an organization that can commit to implementing and evaluating a single 45-minute group or individually administered PPW program for high school or middle school-aged adolescents.

The evaluation design for this collaboration must include:

  1. Two or more sites (e.g., schools, clinics, wellness centers, YMCAs, etc.)
  2. Administration of an online pretest and a 3-12-month posttest survey to all participating youth
  3. Brief online instructor surveys to be completed after each program implementation
  4. Zoom meetings with key staff to set up and track program implementation and evaluation milestones
  5. (Preferred) Comparison sites which will receive the two surveys only, but can be provided the PPW program afterward, or health education materials

The partnering organization(s) will receive complementary online self-paced or live PPW program implementer training for all participating implementers/facilitators as well as access to online or paper copies of PPW program manuals.

Participating organization(s) will receive a report of the evaluation findings.

Programs available for evaluation include:

  1. SPORT (Alcohol/Drug) PPW
  2. SPORT Alcohol & Cannabis PPW
  3. Marijuana PPW
  4. Opioid PPW
  5. Vaping (E-Cigarette) PPW

Let us know if you’d like to set up a brief Zoom call to discuss details.

For more information:, or call: (904) 472-5022.