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Healthy Workplace is a set of substance abuse prevention interventions for the workplace that are designed for workers who are not substance-dependent and still have the power to make choices about their substance use. The five Healthy Workplace interventions--SAY YES! Healthy Choices for Feeling Good, Working People: Decisions About Drinking, the Make the Connection series, Healthy Life 2000 (formerly Prime Life 2000), and Power Tools--target unsafe drinking, illegal drug use, prescription drug use, and the healthy lifestyle practices of workers. Cast in a health promotion framework and grounded in social-cognitive principles of behavior change, Healthy Workplace interventions integrate substance abuse prevention materials into popular health promotion programs, thereby defusing the stigma of substance abuse and reducing barriers to help-seeking behavior. Intervention materials are designed to raise awareness of the hazards of substance use and the benefits of healthy behaviors and to teach techniques to live healthier lives. The interventions are delivered in small group sessions using videos and print materials that can be used in any order and are selected based on the organization's goals and workforce composition (construction workers, office workers, technical/professional staff, etc.).