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Family Effectiveness Training

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EBP Description: 

Family Effectiveness Training (FET) is a family-based program for Hispanics that targets family factors known to place children at risk. FET helps Hispanic immigrant families with children ages 6 to 12, particularly when the child is exhibiting behavior problems, associating with deviant peers, or experiencing parent–child communication problems. The goal of FET is to strengthen families by increasing their ability to adapt to new situations, particularly developmental and cultural challenges the family will face. The program consists of three components: Family Development, Bicultural Effectiveness Training, and Brief Strategic Family Therapy. FET uses two primary strategies to initiate change: 1) didactic lessons and participatory activities that help parents master effective family management skills and 2) organized discussions in which the therapist/facilitator intervenes to correct dysfunctional communications between or among family members. The training sessions last for 13 weeks, are 1½ to 2 hours long, and are tailored to each individual family.