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Did you know you can join WASAVP with CPWI or DFC dollars?

Your Coalition can join WASAVP (Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention) with CPWI or DFC dollars!  

Many Coalitions utilize $250 from each funding source (please check with your Prevention Monitor but they should approve).
The alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and pharmaceutical industries spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on lobbyists each year. 
WASAVP counters this with a prevention voice in Olympia to educate policy makers about the value of prevention.  
WASAVP provides alerts to the prevention community about upcoming legislation and policy briefs that you can share with your coalition members.  
We also organize the annual Prevention Policy Day bringing the youth and coalition's voices to Olympia.
If using CPWI or DFC funds please mark "apply to education only" on your contribution form and it will not be used for lobbying.  
The majority of our work is done to educate policy makers so they can make a prevention informed decisions.
See the flyer below/attached for more info or go to: