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Coping With Work and Family Stress

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Coping With Work and Family Stress is a workplace preventive intervention designed to teach employees 18 years and older how to deal with stressors at work and at home. The model is derived from Pearlin and Schooler's hierarchy of coping mechanisms as well as Bandura's social learning theory. The 16 90-minute sessions, typically provided weekly to groups of 15-20 employees, teach effective methods for reducing risk factors (stressors and avoidance coping) and enhancing protective factors (active coping and social support) through behavior modification (e.g., methods to modify or eliminate sources of stress), information sharing (e.g., didactic presentations, group discussions), and skill development (e.g., learning effective communication and problem-solving skills, expanding use of social network).
The curriculum emphasizes the role of stress, coping, and social support in relation to substance use and psychological symptoms. The sessions are led by a facilitator who typically has a master's-level education; is experienced in group dynamics, system theory, and cognitive and other behavior interventions; and is able to manage group process. Facilitator training in the program curriculum is required.