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Call to Action! Share Your Lifesaving Naloxone Stories

WA Health Care Authority (HCA) is collaborating with Desautel Hege (DH), a communications and marketing firm, to develop a new fentanyl overdose education campaign for Washington State.

DH and HCA are looking for 2-3 people aged 18-25 to share personal experiences about why it’s important to them to carry naloxone or describe a time when they or someone close to them used naloxone to successfully reverse an overdose. Participants will be featured in campaign videos that encourage others to carry and use naloxone to keep themselves and others safe.

This campaign uses messaging that does not stigmatize non-prescription opioid use, empowers people to take action to prevent or reverse overdoses, and frames these actions as signs of care for friends and loved ones.

The commitment from participants:

  • 30- 60-minute video call to hear their story and meet the DH team.
  • Authorization to record their story and use their story and their image in the campaign.
  • 3 hour in-person video interview in the Seattle area.

In exchange for participants’ time, those who are selected to participate will be compensated for their time.

If you or someone you know would be a good fit for these videos, please reach out to We will be accepting possible participants until Friday, November 11.