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All Stars is a multi-year school-based program for middle school students (11 to 14 years old) designed to prevent and delay the onset of high-risk behaviors such as drug use, violence, and premature sexual activity. The program focuses on five topics important to preventing high-risk behaviors: (1) developing positive ideals that do not fit with high-risk behavior; (2) creating a belief in conventional norms; (3) building strong personal commitments; (4) bonding with school, pro-social institutions, and family; and (5) increasing positive parental attentiveness. All Stars includes highly interactive group activities, games and art projects, small group discussions, one- on-one sessions, a parent component, and a celebration ceremony. The All Stars Core program consists of 13 45-minute class sessions delivered on a weekly basis by teachers, prevention specialists, or social workers. The All Stars Booster program is designed to be delivered 1 year after the core program and includes nine 45-minute sessions reinforcing lessons learned in the previous year.