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Alcohol Content of Tilt Malt Beverage Lowered

By Join Together

The maker of the popular Tilt malt beverage is lowering the drink's alcohol content from 12 percent to 8 percent for a 24-ounce container. Anheuser-Busch announced that the new drinks will be sold starting this summer.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sparks flavored malt beverages made by MillerCoors also have a maximum of 8 percent alcohol by volume. The article notes that the changes to Tilt come as malt beverages such as Four Loko are being criticized for encouraging underage and binge drinking.

In April, 17 attorneys general - including Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna - asked the maker of the new fruity alcoholic drink Blast by Colt45, Pabst Brewing Co., to stop marketing the beverage to underage drinkers and to significantly reduce the number of servings of alcohol in each can.