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2023 Coalition Leadership Activity

Hello CPWI providers! 

While the close of the 2023 Coalition Leadership Institute (CLI) is quickly approaching, we hope that the knowledge you've gained and the memories and connections you've made will stay with you throughout this next year. From all of us at the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, thank you - for your time and attention this week and for your dedication and hard work every day of the year to support substance use disorder prevention and mental health promotion throughout Washington state. 

As we reflect on our time together at CLI, we'd like to hear about your experience at the event. What are your roses (things that you enjoyed or think went well), buds (things that you have have liked or went well but that could be improved), and thorns (things that you didn't like or didn't work well). Did you make any new connections or develop any new partnerships? If so, shout them out and share how you plan to work together!  

Please feel free to share this or any other feedback about CLI in a comment below! 

Isaac Wulff- Aug 30, 2023 08:56 AM Reply

I think my favorite part of CLI was not talking to people myself, which I also enjoyed very much, but watching others get to know each other who I knew would get along and provide mutual benefit. In a couple of cases, I literally took someone over to someone else across the room and made introductions because I could sense they needed to know each other. Even if it was just for that day, I think it was very helpful, but I also suspect many of those connections will continue. I still have friends I made at my first CLI in 2019, so I know some of those relationships will last, and it's relationships that ultimately sustain this work.