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2022 Got Outcomes! awards announcement

The CADCA Got Outcomes! awards application is now open for community coalitions! This award program recognizes coalitions nationally that have created positive, long-lasting changes in their communities by implementing a comprehensive plan guided by local data. There are three different award categories:
  • Coalition in Focus: for coalitions that have had short-term outcomes (6-24 months)
  • Coalition of Excellence: for coalitions that have had short and intermediate outcomes (1-4 years)
  • Coalition of the Year: for coalitions that have had short, intermediate, and long-term outcomes (3-10 years)
All applicants, regardless of whether or not they move on to the next phase or receive an award, will receive in-depth feedback on their coalition products from CADCA. Applicants that move on to phase two have the opportunity to be recognized as a CADCA Blue Ribbon Coalition!
The deadline for applications is July 26!
For more information on this awards program, please visit the CADCA Got Outcomes! Awards website