WA Dept of Health Launches New Marijuana Prevention Campaign

Earlier this week the Marijuana Prevention and Education Program launched a new campaign to encourage parents and other trusted adults to talk with teens about the risks and consequences of using marijuana. 

This new campaign, Under the Influence…of You, reminds parents and other trusted adults about the influence they have on the teens in their lives, encourages them to talk with teens about the risks and consequences of marijuana, and provides tips on how to have effective conversations.

The campaign features four 15-second animated videos. Each video shows a quirky and relatable scenario between an adult and teen. Outreach efforts include an eight week statewide digital ad buy that leverages video placements on YouTube, Facebook, and other websites. The digital ad buy also includes Seattle Times takeovers and paid search.

The campaign will reach parents of teens (aged 12-17), coaches, teachers, and other caregivers (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.). There will be an additional emphasis placed on reaching parents living in rural areas. Each ad directs to more information at StartTalkingNow.org.

While developing the campaign, DOH consulted state and community partners. DOH also engaged parents and other adult influencers across the state to provide input on the messaging, tone, look, and feel of the ads.

We encourage our partners and parents to share the videos through social media and at member meetings. If you have questions about the campaign, please contact Kristen Haley, Washington State Department of Health, Kristen.Haley@doh.wa.gov.


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