TAG Talks Video Series Launches -

TAG Talks, created as part of the Adolescent Health: Think, Act, Grow® (TAG) call to action from the HHS Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) recently released the first two videos in the series.  All videos in the free series are presented as both a 30-minute video and in short segments and accompanied by additional resources and discussion guides for professionals and family members.

The first video, “The Crisis of Connection for Adolescent Boys,” underscores that adolescent boys want and need close, supportive friendships. It also provides guidance to professionals and family members on how to foster those relationships. The video features Niobe Way, Ed.D., an applied psychology professor at New York University who has studied adolescents’ social development for over 30 years. She shares what young men say about increasing isolation as they move from childhood to adolescence and how social connections affect health and well-being. In this video, Dr. Way provides strategies to encourage friendships that help adolescent boys thrive.

The second video, “The Power of the Adolescent Brain,” reviews adolescent brain development and how it affects learning, health, and behavior. The video features Frances Jensen, M.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurology at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. Drawing on clinical experience and research, and inspired by her personal experience of parenting two teenage boys, Dr. Jensen shares what is known about adolescent brain development, functioning, and capacity. Dr. Jensen explains the strengths and potential of the adolescent brain; addresses learning, risk behavior, addiction, and mental health issues; and provides practical suggestions for families with adolescents.

The video series is co-sponsored by OAH and the federal Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs.





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