Screening and Background Checks

Youth serving programs have a responsibility to ensure that every reasonable measure is taken to ensure the safety of the youth enrolled in their program.  Screening focuses on prospective mentors to determine whether they have the time, commitment, and personal qualities to be a safe and effective mentor; and screening prospective mentees to determine if they have the time, commitment, and desire to be effectively mentored. Screening emphasizes keeping participants, especially young people, safe in mentoring relationships.

In this workshop, we will discuss possible wrinkles in the screening process.  Participants will receive examples of screening materials much of which can be easily adapted to your program.    


Screening and Background Checks

Peace Community Center

2106 So. Cushman Ave.

Tacoma, WA  98405

March 14, 2017

9 am to 12 noon

Register at:

Questions: Pamila Gant at:  or 425.679.5562

Peace Community Center, 2106 Cushman Ave, Tacoma 98405


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