Recorded Webinar Available - Local Control: A Proven Strategy for Tobacco Prevention

Tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, with cigarette smoking alone responsible for more than 480,000 deaths each year. Local tobacco control policies that limit youth access to tobacco products have proven effective at reducing tobacco use and tobacco-related disease. Laws in some states—including Washington—preempt (i.e. prohibit) local governments from changing the tobacco and vapor product retail environment, limiting their ability to address youth initiation and the harmful effects associated with tobacco and nicotine sales and use. Preemption is a legal doctrine that allows a higher level of government to limit, or even eliminate, the power of a lower level of government to regulate a certain issue such as the minimum sales age for tobacco or vapor products.

This educational webinar will provide an overview on the different types of preemption and how preemption can both benefit and pose barriers to public health. It will discuss how certain industries use preemption to stifle local regulation, as well as summarize the current landscape of state-level preemption of local tobacco control policy in Washington State and across the country. Speakers from Washington State community-based organizations will highlight how state-level preemption has affected their ability to advance health equity. Finally, a speaker from New York City will provide insight into the innovative local tobacco control policies possible in a state that does not preempt local tobacco regulation.

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