Public Comments Requested - Washington State Health Assessment

From the Washington State Department of Health (DOH):

Dear public health partner,

Happy new year! I am writing to you today because of the value you place on the health and well-being of Washingtonians.

The Department of Health just released the draft version of the Washington State Health Assessment, and we invite you to provide feedback on this document during the public comment period, January 2–23.

The assessment pulls data from a variety of sources, providing insights into Washington’s diverse population, health status and health behaviors, access to healthcare and preventive services, environments, and social and economic forces impacting health and well-being. The assessment also describes statewide assets and resources already in place across Washington that impact health and well-being.

We worked with partners in and beyond the healthcare delivery and public health community to draft a comprehensive assessment of health in our state. We strived to create an inclusive document, and we hope that the trends and information this report highlights lead to rich conversations in communities throughout our state.

Please take some time to review the Washington State Health Assessment and provide public comment through the link in the document. We appreciate and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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John Wiesman
WA State Secretary of Health


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