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Prevention/Intervention Specialist and Chemical Dependency Professional

The Substance Abuse Prevention/Intervention Specialist and Chemical Dependency Professional (SAPIS-CDP) will work collaboratively with the NWESD Behavioral Health and Prevention Services Director and local school district administration to implement comprehensive school prevention/intervention and chemical dependency treatment services in middle and high schools. The SAPIS-CDP will implement evidence-based practices, in response to identified needs as applicable and support program development and implementation for at-risk students. The SAPIS-CDP will also provide coordinated service supports to children, families, and partner agencies to promote personal and social-emotional development for participating children/youth and to advance positive and productive learning environments.

Washington State Department of Health registered Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP)

Qualified Alcohol/Drug Counselor meets Washington State DASA (Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse) requirements with 3 years’ experience working as a school-based substance abuse intervention specialist; OR, Bachelors’ Degree in Education with a minimum 15 hours’ training in alcohol and other drug abuse issues; OR, Washington State licensed psychologist as defined under RCW 18.83, have or qualify for Washington ESA school counseling certificate, social worker, psychologist, or children’s mental health specialist as defined by RCW.

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