Practical Substance Abuse Prevention with Single-Session Wellness Programs


This is a free 45-minute webinar with three objectives:


1.   Describe the features that differentiate practical Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs from other marijuana, alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse prevention programs.


2.   List the program, training and materials options offered at Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC.


3.   Explain the key components, outcomes and uses of the evidence-based SPORT PPW and InShape PPW programs.


Day: Wednesday April12th


Time: 11:30am ET/8:30am PT


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      Sports and recreation leagues


      Youth leadership opportunities


      Youth and family organizations (BGC, YMCA, etc.)


      Summer and enrichment camps


      Faith-based settings


      Hospitals and health clinics


      Juvenile justice settings


      Substance abuse recovery and treatment organizations


      Substance abuse coalitions


      Mental health agencies


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