Positive Community Norms Training

Monday & Tuesday, June 19 & 20, 2017
10:00am to 5:00pm each day

Alder Commons Auditorium, University of Washington.  
Alder Hall: 1310 NE 40th Street Seattle, WA 98105.
Entrance on NE 40th Street between Brooklyn Avenue NE and University Way NE

Science of the Positive Framework and Positive Community Norms Training with:

  • Dr. Jeff Linkenbach from The Montana Institute & University of Montana – Mansfield Academy for Global Leadership;
  • Dr. Jason Kilmer from the University of Washington, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and Health & Wellness

This is open to anyone affiliated with our Washington prevention system (including college prevention efforts, youth, communities, etc.). 

This is also invaluable for anyone:
* Working to better understand and/or improve impact of Dr. Linkenbach’s Positive Community Norms Framework
* Examining different strategies related to implementing norming strategies in their community

Positive Community Norms is based upon Dr. Linkenbach’s 30 years research and development of the Science of the Positive Framework.  The core assumption of the Science of the Positive is that “the Positive” is real, and can be measured and grown in individuals, communities, and cultures.  Dr. Kilmer and Dr. Linkenbach have collaborated on norms research and teaching for over the past decade and are passionate about sharing this exciting work.

The Positive Community Norms framework is based upon the seven core principles of the Science of the Positive and focuses on developing core areas of:

(1) Transformational Leadership

(2) Strategic Communications

(3) Integrating a Portfolio of Strategies

(4) Structured Reflection

You are responsible for costs associated with attendance, including, but not limited to, travel, lodging, food, etc.

Please complete the following registration link as soon as possible! 


The Science of the Positive Positive Community Norms Trainng 6.19.2017 Agenda FINAL.pdf726.76 KB
Alder Commons Auditorium, University of Washington. Alder Hall: 1310 NE 40th Street Seattle, WA 98105.


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