Positive Community Norms Institute

November 28 – 30, 2017
Watertown Inn, Seattle.  

Positive Community Norms Institute

The Institute actually has two parts. The first part is the in-person training in November. From that workshop you will learn about Positive Community Norms and about community change and transformation. Participants in the November workshop will also be able to participate in eight months of ongoing training, technical assistance and coaching to help you identify the norms in your community and to use that work to strengthen positive bonds n your communities.

The training will be provided by Dr. Jeff Linkenbach of The Montana Institute. Note: if you are planning to participate in the upcoming Washington Prevention Summit you’ll be able to hear Dr. Linkenbach talk about positive community norms and how the approach can strengthen individuals and communities.

See attached flyer for more information, including how to apply to participate.
Deadline to apply to participate is 5:00pm PST on November 13, 2017.


Final Positive Community Norms Training Flyer.pdf182.34 KB
Watertown Inn, Seattle


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